Lee Jong Suk Oppa. As a fan of the drama, the editor said that it is very possible! Zhao Lusi, who is usually very active, has also been laughing awkwardly. Chun Hua (Lusi Zhao) from the future enters a fantasy universe. The two newcomers in the entertainment industry share a sympathy, and the closeness makes sense. During the dinner, the two acted and behaved intimately. Completed 11. ExplorePorrito. View all (22) Photos. When the two looked at each other, their eyes seemed full of tenderness. He made his acting debut in the comedy series “Sister Knows” (2014), and later the same year starred in the movie “Yesterday Once More.” When he laughs, netizens complain about him a little greasy and greasy, and even some netizens think he is a little bit bumpy. Zhao Lusi and Li Hongyi are both very capable actors. Other reviews by this user. Actor. Who are the official matches of Shen Siyi and Lu Ke? Home; neidi; hanguo; news; movie; starnews; original; shows; gossip; facialmask; cartoon; Search. Li Qian. Zhao Lusi, as the "new web drama sister" in the hearts of the audience, was also accused of being able to take over Zhao Liying's class. Wu Qingfeng Lucky for the first time to sing Ponyo on the Cliff to make 2020 happy ending, Disney Pixar“s Spirit of the Soul pre-sale is fully open, decrypt the best movies at the end of the year, Da Qin Fu brushes away the dust of history, vividly showing the Qin Sau and Liuhe, Hatsune Miku“s ListenING project opens the chapter of Lehang in the name of a new world, Maoyan“s global popularity | December 21, 2020 Ultimate Notes Cicada“s top online drama list. 24 of 24 episodes seen . Netizens reveal. They are close to each other during the dinner, separated from the crowd by a certain distance, and often talk in low voices. Publicly confessed Zhao Lusi, wearing a suit and hitting the face of the comic man. They face each other, pouting, and hug behind their backs. Li Hong Yi debuted in the entertainment industry by participating in the Hunan Satellite TV Life Program. Very good, and the heat is rising all the way. Taking advantage of the real economy and factories, what is the use of Qingdao people buying school district housing? Zhao Lu Si & Li Hongyi … Actor. The two starred in the TV series "Tian Lei Yi Zhi Chun Hua Xue Yue" won the love of a large number of fans. Artist. . Zhao Lusi was sitting next to him. Source: weibo.com. Zhao Lusi is also very cute with a perfect smile. The drama has yet to announce a release date but they have been releasing new posters of the main cast which include Li Hongyi, Zhao Lusi, Wu Junyu and Jiang Yuan. Love Better Than Immortality, a 2019 Chinese television series starring Li Hongyi and Zhao Lusi. After the meal, Li Hongyi also gently wiped Zhao Lusi's mouth, and carefully adjusted the strap for Zhao Lusi, and Zhao Lusi smiled brightly when facing Li Hongyi. Prodigy Healer (2019) Get ready to “ship” a new webdrama pairing as Li Hongyi from Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me fame team up … Previous; Popular Posts. Two men with a totally opposite personality form a relationship with Chun Hua. Netizens all said: Is this the rhythm of hav. In fact, in the previously exposed "Tian Lei No. During the dinner, they acted and behaved intimately. He is currently studying at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. Lihongyi indonesia fanpage . The two behaved so naturally and intimately, they seemed to be very close together! Follow “Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey”-Li Hongyi fanboying’s the cutest thing. 43 people found this review helpful. Moreover, two people have also collaborated on two dramas together. Kali ini karena dia terlihat makan malam dengan Zhao Lusi, lawan mainnya dalam drama Love Better Than Immortality. Sinopsis Drama China The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Li Hongyi & Zhao Lusi Xu Kai Stars In Chinese Film Adaptation Of “Autumn In My 【ENG SUB】Love Of Thousand Years EP15 -Zheng Yecheng, Zhao. Prodigy Healer stars Li Hongyi and Zhao Lusi reunite in a fantasy drama. At that time, it was speculated by netizens that the two had broken up, and then Zhuo Wei also exposed that the two had separated and combined. Li Hongyi and Zhao Lusi dine together late at night, behaved intimately, and the man also carefully arranged the clothes for the woman | Luju Bar. The CP sense of the two people is very strong, now let's take a look at their dressing and matching. It is Li Hongyi and Zhao Lusi's second drama together. The reason was so funny. DramaPanda (en inglés). Should I buy a school district house in 2021? Actor. Netizens revealed that the boy is a photographer and also the boyfriend Zhao Lusi knew when he was studying at Ming Dao University in Taiwan. As the web drama "The Rumored Chen Qianqian" continues to hit the air, Zhao Lusi, who plays the heroine in the play, has won the attention of netizens with her wonderful performance. She meets two men, Qiu Yue (Hongyi Li) and Xiao Bai (Junyu Wu). During the filming of "The Spring, Flower, Autumn and Moon of Thunder", Zhao Lusi was photographed intimately with Li Hongyi at the dinner table. Tapi pada pertengahan tahun lalu, sebuah skandal menerpa dirinya. The boy in the photo has single eyelids and small eyes, and his skin is fair, but his appearance is very ordinary. The editor believes that it is through the cooperation of these two plays that the relationship between the two people has gradually become familiar! It is said that there are also two TV series co-starring in the filming, which can be seen. In case you didn’t know, 28-year-old Li Hongyi is the second son of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Ho Ching. Overall 10. It will air in China on Youku from July 5, 2019. #Li Hongyi #p: weibo #ZZJ is in this too! What do readers think? Li Hongyi as Shangguan Qiuyue: Zhao Lusi as Chun Hua: Wu Junyu as Xiao Bai: Jiang Yuan as Feng Caicai: Liu Yitong as Qin Liufeng: Sheng Huizi as Leng Ning: Supporting Cast. Tapi karirnya nyaris tidak tersentuh dengan skandal. Sebelum Zhao Lusi dan Ryan Ding Yuxi dipasangkan, penggemar Zhao Lusi yang ingin wanita cantik itu berpacaran dengan Li Hongyi. Completed. Li Hong Yi is a Chinese actor and singer born on June 26, 1998, in Liaoning, China. On May 28, some netizens exposed a suspected close photo of Zhao Lusi and her boyfriend, which caused heated discussion. His training in Korea was only for three months, due to various reasons, he opted to resign to continue his studies. From this point of view, Li Hongyi and Zhao Lusi should have a very good relationship. 1. In 2014, Li made his acting debut in the sitcom Sister Knows. Sun Li“s Ideal City shows new stills, and seeing the special starring Yang Chaoyue, are you sure you are serious? Es miembro de la agencia "YinheKuyu Media". SHOW MORE. This also made a vote of netizens have to sigh, the tacit understanding between these two people is too good! Li Hongyi put her hand on the back of Zhao Lusi's chair and touched her face intimately. Although Li Hongyi and Zhao Lusi are born in the same year, Zhao Lusi reveals that Li Hongyi who is four years older is like an old man. 4 notes. Instead of paying too much attention to Zhao Lusi For her private life, it is better to look forward to her work. , Was accused of being completely unworthy of Zhao Lusi. Actor. Career. Li Hongyi was born on 26 June 1998 in Liaoning, Shenyang, China. Carrera. Sep 30, 2020. Both of them are young artists and they should also have many topics in common. mundclz. 11. The spread of Zhao Lusi’s multiple romance scandals has also aroused heated discussions among netizens, accusing her of having no ambitions in her acting career and just falling in love, but as an actor, the most important thing for Zhao Lusi is film and television works. Li Hongyi, the second son of PM Lee. The series follows the adventure of Chun Hua (Zhao Lusi) as she time travels from the future to a Fantasy-like universe. In the play, there was a scene of affection between "Chunhua" played by Zhao Lusi and "Autumn Moon" played by Li Hongyi. Estudió en la Universidad MingDao (en inglés: "MingDao University"). Hongyi Li and Lusi Zhao in Qing Nang Chuan (2019) Close. Show up in a restaurant in a couple's costume for "intimacy" Tags:Zhao Lu, Li Hongyi, Love, Open. Zhao Lusi (chino simplificado: 赵露思), es una actriz china. The ghost controls the heart demon, and the death crisis ambushes The Sealer tomorrow at 18:00! For some people, they have probably never taken notice of Li Hongyi, until he gave a eulogy at Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral. Filming was completed in Hengdian World Studios October of last year. Zhao Lusi, Zhao Lusi love, Chen exuberant, Suspected Zhao Lusi’s boyfriend was exposed, and the couple took a group photo to show affection, but accidentally bumped into Zhao Benshan’s son | Luju Bar, The End of Peerless Daughter is set for Christmas Eve, Gong Jun is extraordinary, and the three male partners are even more eye-catching, I really love you, I can not destroy your family, do you believe this lie, Another drama involved in the case is expected to be directed by Five Hundred in Storm Against the Darkness, led by Honglei Sun and Yixing Zhang, Before Sweeping the Dark Storm, another 30-episode drama will be attacked, led by Wu Gang and Ke Lan.