Now here's the thing...I made the MISTAKE deliberate choice of putting the plant next to a floor vent...Mainly because there was no other place to put the huge … My fiddle leaf fig has gotten quite large! I have a 5 foot tall healthy, indoor ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig), single trunk with no growth until the very top. The size of the fiddle leaf fig can be controlled by using a small pot and by careful pruning. You can also safely remove the top part of your plant if it starts growing too tall. Be careful though, these beauties are toxic to both dogs and cats. Luckily, it is possible to restore its beauty quickly in a few simple steps. Types of Pruning. So you want to prune your fiddle leaf fig… There are many reasons you may consider pruning your fiddle leaf fig tree. Fiddle leaf fig pruning is one good way to keep the plant in leading type by providing it good form. Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are beautiful plants that can light up any room or home. If your leaves look yellow, it means that your plant is overwatered.Try cutting on back on the amount of water you give your plant each week and see if you notice a difference. You can also air-layer fiddle leaf fig plants, but the water method is easy-peasy. Just wanted to give you a little fiddle leaf fig (aka ficus lyrata) update. I plan to move it indoors shortly, since our temps will dip into the mid-40s the next few nights. Climate: prefers a warm-temperate or tropical growing environment outdoors, but will grow in indoor environments. Perhaps it has grown lopsided over the last several months, and you haven’t rotated it once since it graced you with its presence. I purchased the tree late last summer from a local urban garden center here in MA. 7.7k members in the fiddleleaffig community. I've stakes it but the stack has begun to lean too! THIS! If your plant has a few brown, bruised, or damaged leaves in the mix, make sure to prune these leaves off with clean pruning shears to promote new growth and overall health. The reason for it is very simple because this is the main growing season of your plant. This will not damage your fiddle leaf fig, but rather make it stronger. The name comes from the thick violin-shaped leaves that grow off the plant’s woody stems. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is still the mainstay trendsetter in the plant community, and continues to give the millennial favorite, the Monstera Deliciosa, a run for its money these past couple of years. Thankfully, these marks will slowly fade as the plant continues to grow. I have one of both, I for a while I just wondered why one of mine looked like a waif-y … Root pruning – trimming back the roots. If you have mature plants, you can do this method by cutting them at the height where you want to grow branches. Prune the fiddle leaf fig in the spring to encourage the plant to branch out with a more bushy appearance. Don’t sell me short Janice. The fiddle leaf fig is a type of houseplant from the ficus family. The good news is, these plants are very hardy by nature and can withstand less-than-ideal conditions for quite a long time. Pruning. Pruning & Propagating Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants. For a tree-like look indoors, remove the lower leaves. Photos taken today of the recently pruned fiddle leaf fig mentioned above. The fiddle leaf fig tree features heavily-veined, oval-shaped leaves that grow upright. I did not know this for an embarrassingly long time. Fiddle Leaf Fig Fiddle Leaf Fig Features: An Overview. If you want your Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch, try these three simple methods - pruning, notching and pinching. Fiddle leaf figs can be grown as multi-stemmed or single-stemmed plants, with either bare or leaf-covered stems or trunks. 12 years ago. Pruning A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (I kept it alive for a year!!) Wear gloves when pruning fiddle leaf fig because the sap can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions in some people. Fiddle Leaf Fig propagation. However, as their leaves become drooping and wilted, you might not be able to enjoy the charm of this plant any longer. Fiddle leaf fig pruning, like pinching, can be anxiety inducing. Pruning your fiddle leaf fig like a bonsai master ; Propagating your fiddle leaf fig like a Catholic family pre contraception ; This is a long post, and a lot of effort went into it. Like other species of ficus, these plants like a lot of light, minimal water and they don’t do well with sudden changes in environment. Pruning a fiddle leaf fig tree. Especially after caring for a fiddle leaf fig tree it seems like cutting the top off is going to ruin all the work you’ve been doing for months! If you notice any white, powdery mildew growing on the stems or branches, use a sharp pair of pruning shears to remove the infected area from the plant. The plant comes in two forms: a plant and a bush. Start by pruning back any damaged leaves so your plant can focus on providing nutrients for its healthy leaves. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree vs. Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush. In the case of your fiddle leaf fig, it’s probably the only branch available to take it from a fiddle leaf bush to a fiddle leaf tree. It’s been a year since I bought my fiddle fig leaf tree, Miss Fiddle, and she is still alive and well!Standing at over 9ft tall, the main stem was getting crazy tall and it started to get really top heavy, so it was time for trim. Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide Caring for your Ficus Lyrata . Hi everyone! Pruning a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Pruning your Fiddle Leaf Fig. This makes them somewhat challenging for the home grower, who is likely to have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions. Red markings on fiddle leaf fig leaves mean that the plant is drinking up too much water at a fast pace. Prune away moldy-looking branches in the spring. Pruning: Cutting back a few leaves every once in awhile encourages your fiddle leaf fig’s growth. Pruning is important to the health of your fiddle leaf fig tree, and it helps them look good too! Fiddle leaf fig plants are sold as trees or bushes. Dusting the leaves will make the fiddle leaf fig more attractive and allow them to absorb more light. Read it. Let’s dive into the 101 of pruning your Fiddle Leaf Fig. Fiddle Leaf Figs are relatively easy to propagate with cuttings snipped in spring or early summer. How to Prune Fiddle Leaf Figs. Ask the expert, DIY PROJECT, ETC. Notching – make a small cut just above a bud or growth node to encourage branching. If you notice any damaged leaves or stems, just snip them off. Fiddle leaf fig air layering propagation Post-propagation transplanting. Fiddle-leaf fig trees are the “it” houseplant that refuses to go away. All pruning techniques are designed to encourage new growth These can be used on a fiddle leaf fig: Scoring – cutting into the cambium layer of the bark.