Before the war, Goldberg did everything for losing Cardinal teams. He was ordained priest at Rome, and was, even before the end of 1550, mentioned as a likely candidate for the cardinal's hat. Cardinal David Beton, the head of the French and Catholic party and therefore Mary of Lorraine's friend and ally, produced a will of the late king in which the primacy in the regency was assigned to himself. It was an elaborate construction of polished brass, and, contrary to the usual custom, seems to have been placed in the centre of the altar-step, long branches stretching out towards the four cardinal points, bearing smaller candles. The office of administering the cardinal's estate was a very ungrateful one, for the family resented the liberal benefactions of their kinsman to the Church and the univesity, and accused Dlugosz of exercising undue influence, from which charge he triumphantly vindicated himself. 4. Eight children survived him: Joseph Lucien Charles Napoleon, prince of Canino (1824-1865), who died without heirs; Lucien Louis Joseph Napoleon, born in 1828, who took holy orders in 1853 and became a cardinal in 1868; Julie Charlotte Zenaide Pauline Laetitia Desiree Bartholomee, who married the marquis of Roccagiovine; Charlotte Honorine Josephine, who married Count Primoli; Marie Desiree Eugenie Josephine Philomene, who married the count Campello; Auguste Amelie Maximilienne Jacqueline, who married Count Gabrielli; Napoleon Charles Gregoire Jacques Philippe, born in 1839, who married the princess Ruspoli, by whom he had two daughters; and Bathilde Aloyse Leonie, who married the comte de Cambaceres. by Pope Julius II., and the jewels restored to Scotland on the death (1807) of Cardinal York, the last of the Stuarts. - In the kata-kiri-bori every line has its proper value in the pictorial design, and strength and directness become cardinal elements in the strokes of the burin just as they do in the brushwork of the picture-painter. cardinal directions in a sentence - Use "cardinal directions" in a sentence 1. ), and some good terra cottas by the Della Robbia. In 1529 he was Wolsey's chaplain, and he was with the cardinal at Cawood at the time of his arrest. Hutton, The Anglican Ministry, with a preface by Cardinal J. Cardinal Granvella, who was a native of the city, became archbishop in 1584, and founded a university which existed until the French Revolution. 3. A few years later Cardinal St Croix reckoned that the Huguenots were one half of the population. cardinals example sentences. ARMAND JEAN DU PLESSIS DE, CARDINAL RICHELIEU (1585-1642), French statesman, was born of an ancient family of the lesser nobility of Poitou. Examples of cardinals in a sentence: 1. Cardinal number is too large. (Carlo della Torre Rezzonico), pope from 1758 to 1769, was born in Venice, on the 7th of March 1693, filled various important posts in the Curia, became cardinal in 1737, bishop of Padua in 1743, and succeeded Benedict XIV. 198+5 sentence examples: 1. Meantime, while recurring again and again, as was his custom, to this cardinal difficulty, Mill worked indefatigably in other directions where he saw his way clear. At the opening of 1354 he was sent with the cardinal of Boulogne, Pierre I., duke of Bourbon, and Jean VI., count of Vendome, to Mantes to treat with Charles the Bad, king of Navarre, who had caused the constable, Charles of Spain, to be assassinated, and from this time dates his connexion with this king. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB His latest pronouncement supporting civil unions is a rehashed stance as cardinal in Argentina. The Last Judgement was an object of a bitter dispute between Cardinal Carafa and Michelangelo. If a is a cardinal number, a+I is a cardinal number. , The cardinal belief for many law enforcement officials is to always be aware of your surroundings in case a weapon is pulled on you. Madame de Lamotte had told the cardinal that Marie Antoinette would make him a sign to indicate her thanks, and Rohan believed that she did make him a sign. The place was dismantled in 1652 by order of Cardinal Mazarin. de Berulle et les Carmelites; Le Pre de Berulle et l'oratoire de Jesus; Le Cardinal de Berulle et Richelieu (3 vols., 1872-1876), by the Abbe M. Petronio; and in 1562, by order of Pius IV., the university itself was constructed close by, by Carlo Borromeo, then cardinal legate. Examples of cardinal virtue in a sentence, how to use it. Luynes and the king recalled him to the post at Angouleme with the queen-mother, who received him ungraciously but who soon yielded to his judgment and allowed him to sign the treaty of Angouleme with the Cardinal de la Rochefoucauld, acting for the king. The cardinal line of the poem, "Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum," is elicited from him as his protest against the sacrifice of Iphigenia by her father. The queen-mother followed the king and cardinal to Compiegne, but as she refused to be reconciled with Richelieu she was left there alone and forbidden to return to Paris. Examples of Cordial in a sentence. This nomination was accompanied with an intimation that more was in store for him, and that steps would be taken to provide for him the income, viz., 3000 ducats, which was necessary to qualify for the cardinal's hat. The chapter on the infallibility was only added at the request of the bishops and after long hesitation on the part of the cardinal presidents. ANDRE HERCULE DE FLEURY (1653-1743), French cardinal and statesman, was born at Lodeve (Herault) on the 22nd of June 1653, the son of a collector of taxes. During this time the council of Basel, though abandoned by Cesarini and most of its members, persisted none the less, under the presidency of Cardinal Aleman, in affirming its oecumenical character. What does cardinal mean? (Before Christ), or A.C. (Ante Christum), and those after Christ A.D. Whatever be the historical worth of this story, it may safely be said that it cannot be disproved by deductive reasoning from the premisses of abstract logic. The only way you can succeed in business is by having cordial relationships with your customers. The operations of addition and multiplication of two given cardinal numbers can be defined by taking two classes a and 13, satisfying the conditions (1) that their cardinal numbers are respectively the given numbers, and (2) that they contain no member in common, and then by defining by reference to a and (3 two other suitable classes whose cardinal numbers are defined to be respectively the required sum and product of the cardinal numbers in question. See Lewis's Introduction (1877); Calendars of Irish, Foreign and Spanish State Papers, and of the Carew MSS. While still at Rome he was made a cardinal, and in 1606 became archbishop of Sens. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The complete Number of Cardinals is Seventy. GEORGES D AMBOISE' (1460-1510), French cardinal and minister of state, belonged to a noble family possessed of considerable influence. Adhere to the Four Cardinal Principles and develop socialist democracy. In 1833 he was transferred to the office of secretary of the congregation of the Propaganda; on the 12th of February 1838 he was raised to the dignity of cardinal. On the cardinal's return in 1627 he took Holstenius to live with him in his palace and made him his librarian. The rapid excretion by the kidneys is one of the cardinal conditions of safety, and also necessitates the very frequent administration of the drug. ANTOINE DU PRAT (1463-1535), chancellor of France and cardinal, was born at Issoire on the 17th of January 1463. All Rights Reserved. : The cardinal sin was insincerity, two-facedness, of appearing to be one thing while actually being another. He also planned to recommend not one, During his residence in Rome Niebuhr discovered and published fragments of Cicero and Livy, aided Cardinal Mai in his edition of Cicero De Republica, and shared in framing the plan of the great work on the topography of ancient Rome by Christian C. J. According to Strype, he was invited about this time to become a fellow of the college founded by Cardinal Wolsey at Oxford; but Dean Hook shows that there is some reason to doubt this. Even at the later sessions the cardinal of Lorraine with the French prelates supported the German representatives in requests for the cup for the laity,the permission of the marriage of priests, and the revision of the breviary. The queen dowager and her daughter were carefully watched at Linlithgow, but on the 23rd of July 1543 they escaped, with the help of Cardinal Beton, to the safer walls of Stirling castle. He was born at Rome while his father was cardinal, and on the latter's elevation to the papacy (1492) he was created archbishop of Valencia, and a year later cardinal. 2. (Official Returns of the Board of Trade.) Sentences Containing 'cardinal' I say the two, because Cardinal Rospigliosi, who had not taken any precaution, was completely despoiled. They turned the tables on the pope by engaging Hawkwood, and although the Bretons by order of Cardinal Robert of Geneva (afterwards the anti-pope Clement VII.) In 1419 Louis of Bar, brother of the last-named, a cardinal and bishop of Chalons, gave the duchy of Bar to Rene of Anjou, the grandson of his sister Yolande, who married Isabella, duchess of Lorraine. Examples of cardinal principle in a sentence, how to use it. The principal treasures of the collection, including splendid Byzantine book-covers, the priceless codices of Homer, the Grimani Breviary, an early Dante, &c., are exhibited under cases in the Sala Bessarione in the Zecca or mint where the library has been installed. Alexander having died in May before entering the Eternal City, Cardinal Cossa was elected as John XXIII. Find more ways to say cardinal, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. On the following Sunday he was confirmed and received to communion by Cardinal Wiseman, who also, within ten weeks of his reception, ordained him priest. It was performed by Fesch, now a cardinal; but Napoleon could afterwards urge the claim that all the legal formalities had not bten complied with; and the motive for the marriage may probably be found in the refusal of the pope to appear at the coronation unless the former civil contract was replaced by the religious rite. Cardinal in a sentence. ; Florence without offending him made peace with Ladislas, who had ceased to be dangerous, and purchased Cortona of the pope. A clear conscience, not less than a sense of his own superiority to others at the court of Louis XIII., made the cardinal haughtily assert his ascendancy, and the king shared his belief in both. GUILLAUME DUBOIS (1656-1723), French cardinal and statesman, was born at Brive, in Limousin, on the 6th of September 1656. The cardinal number zero is the class of classes with no members; but there is only one such class, namely - the null class. Examples of cardinal point in a sentence, how to use it. The teams combined for 12 errors _ seven by the Cardinals. Created cardinal (11th June 1847), he was chosen by Pius IX. The original leader of the Crusade was John of Brienne, king of Jerusalem (who had succeeded Amalric II., marrying Maria, the daughter of Amalric's wife Isabella by her former husband, Conrad of Montferrat); but after the end of 1218 the cardinal legate Pelagius, fortified by papal letters, claimed the command. Cardinal Pell later said he … In later times it was renowned for its richly endowed university, founded by Cardinal Jimenes de Cisneros in 1510, which at the height of its prosperity numbered 12,000 students, and was second only to that of Salamanca. Log out. This vain young favourite of the king was treated as though he were really a formidable traitor, and his friend, De Thou, son of the historian, whose sole guilt was not to have revealed the plot, was placed in a boat behind the stately barge of the cardinal and thus conveyed up the Rhone to his trial and death at Lyons. datory expeditions of Bertrand du Poiet and Robert of Geneva were as ineffective as the descents of the emperors; and, though the cardinal Albornoz conquered Romagna and the March in 1364, the legates who resided in those districts were not long able to hold them against their despots. In September of the same year he was created cardinal priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina. Construct cardinals, like other constructs, are prosodically dependent, and must have a noun phrase head. c, c', cardinal process; b', b', hinge-plate; s, dental sockets; 1, loop; q, crura; a, a', adductor impressions; c, accessory divaricator; b, peduncle muscles; ss, septum. Louis Charles d'Albert (1620-1690), duke of Luynes, son of the constable, was an ascetic writer and friend of the Jansenists; Paul d'Albert de Luynes (1703-1788), cardinal and archbishop of Sens, an astronomer; Michel Ferdinand d'Albert d'Ailly (1714-1769), duke of Chaulnes, a writer on mathematical instruments, and his son Marie Joseph Louis (1741-1793), a chemist; and Honore Theodore Paul Joseph (1802-1867), duke of Luynes, a writer on archaeology. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. He was attacked by assassins on the steps of St Peter's and badly wounded; attendants carried him to a cardinal's house, and, fearing poison, he was nursed only by his wife and Sancha, his sister-in-law. They form a part of the Collection de documents inedits sur l'histoire de France, and were supplemented by the Correspondance du cardinal Granvelle, 1565-1586, edited by M. See also the anonymous Histoire du cardinal de Granville, attributed to Courchetet D'Esnans (Paris, 1761); J. subsequently made him cardinal secretary of state. Montepulciano is famous for its wine, and was the birthplace of the scholar and poet Angelo Anbrogini (1454-1494), generally known as Poliziano (Politian) and of Cardinal Bellarmine (1542-1621). Andrea Lunsford Use a comma between the day of the week and the month, between the day of the month and the year, and between the year and the rest of the sentence, if any. cardinal: Of foremost importance; paramount. died (7th February 1878) Cardinal Pecci was elected pope at the subsequent conclave with comparative unanimity, obtaining at the third scrutiny (loth February) forty-four out of sixty-one votes, or more than the requisite two-thirds majority. The primate Cardinal, Janos Vitez (1408-1472), at the beginning, and the primate, Cardinal Tamas Bakocz, at the end of the reign were men of eminent ability and the highest culture. Pierre de Gondi, brother of the first duc de Retz, became bishop of Paris in 1570 and cardinal in 1587. In any case the countess profited by the cardinal's conviction to borrow from him sums of money destined ostensibly for the queen's works of charity. If you treat people in a cordial manner, they will treat you well also. He had to meet the cardinal's creditors and to find money for the expenses of the household. CAJETAN (GAETANUS), CARDINAL (1470-1534), was born at Gaeta in the kingdom of Naples. 4. They do not represent the opinions of The case first came under consideration when Cardinal Pole returned to England early in Mary's reign with legatine authority for reconciling the realm to the Holy See. But though he thus sacrificed his own prospects to the cardinal's good pleasure, Dlugosz was far too sagacious to approve of the provocative attitude of Olesnicki, and frequently and fearlessly remonstrated with him on his conduct. In 1564 he was made cardinal by Pius IV., and, in the following year, sent to Spain as legate. But the religious toleration of the edict of Nantes was reaffirmed while its political privilegeswere destroyed, and Huguenot officers fought loyally in the foreign enterprises of the cardinal. ), in inducing the Sacred College to remain in Rome, and, after the election of the new pope, arranged for his temporary absence from the Vatican for the purpose of settling private business. : The cardinal virtues enable leaders to habitually incorporate moral principles in their behaviour. made him a cardinal and archbishop of Palermo. As soon as Alexander heard the news he decoyed Cardinal Orsini to the Vatican and cast him into a dungeon, where he died. ‘Hospital cleaning - although an issue of cardinal importance - is a subject to which only a proportion of the public relate.’ ‘This I regard as being a point of cardinal importance in the present case.’ Cardinal is now an accomplished playwright and actor in his own right. Important, as showing his views on a cardinal doctrine, was the Defence of the True and Catholic Doctrine of the Sacrament, which he published in 1550. Ochino was at once cited, but was deterred from presenting himself at Rome by the warnings of Peter Martyr and of Cardinal Contarini, whom he found at Bologna, dying of poison administered by the reactionary party. Of the mansion-house founded by William of Waynflete, bishop of Winchester (c. 1450), in which Cardinal Wolsey resided for three or four weeks after his sudden fall from power in 1529, only the gatehouse remains. The pope would have appointed Lucifer a cardinal with what was done to that woman.'. The operations of addition and multiplication of two given cardinal numbers can be defined by taking two classes a and 13, satisfying the conditions (1) that their cardinal numbers are respectively the given numbers, and (2) that they contain no member in common, and then by defining by reference to a and (3 two other suitable classes whose cardinal numbers are defined to be respectively … The cardinal rule is that an heir, in order to inherit, must survive or outlive the deceased. Synonym Discussion of cardinal. 's descendants, in 1807, the rightful occupant of the British throne according to legitimist principles was to be found among the descendants of Henrietta, daughter of Charles I., who married Philip I., duke of Orleans. about the year 820, and again by Cardinal Sfondrati in 1599. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples To humble the Habsburgs he aided the Protestant princes of Germany against the emperor, in spite of the strong opposition of the disappointed Catholic party in France, which had looked to the cardinal as a champion of the faith. My profile. The Cardinals looked at Rivers after his agent sent them film. Ricci, Francesco Nazzari, the future cardinal, established in 1668 the Giornale de' letterati upon the plan of the French Journal des savants. The death of Lorenzo on the 8th of April, however, called the seventeen-year-old cardinal to Florence. THOMAS WOLSEY (c. 1475-1530), English cardinal and statesman, born at Ipswich about 1475, was son of Robert Wolsey (or Wuley, as his name was always spelt) by his wife Joan. After his return to France the cardinal was anxious to regain the favour of the queen in order to obtain the position of prime minister. Louis Cardinals. In 1667 he became a Dominican (as Vincentius Maria), studied theology and philosophy, was made a cardinal in 1672 and archbishop of Benevento in 1686. 2. In 1507 he took up his residence in the Benedictine Abbey of St Germain des Pres, near Paris; this was due to his connexion with the family of Brigonnet (one of whom was the superior), especially with William Brigonnet, cardinal bishop of St Malo (Meaux). cardinals example sentences. Simultaneously, Gertz was negotiating with Cardinal Alberoni and with the whigs in England; but all his ingenious combinations collapsed like a house of cards on the sudden death of Charles XII. He supported Suffolk over the king's marriage with Margaret of Anjou; but afterwards there arose some difference between them, due in part to a dispute about the nomination of the cardinal's nephew, Thomas Kempe, to the bishopric of London. A commission for publishing the whole of the letters and memoirs was appointed by Guizot in 1834, and the result has been the issue of nine volumes of the Papiers d'Etat du cardinal de Granvelle, edited by C. Weiss (Paris, 1841-1852). Rome as cardinal protector of the Spanish nation. These barons, with the knowledge and approbation of King Henry, were engaged in a plot to assassinate the cardinal, and in this plot Wishart is now proved to have been a willing agent. For De Maillet not only has a definite conception of the plasticity of living things, and of the production of existing species by the modification of their predecessors, but he clearly apprehends the cardinal maxim of modern geological science, that the explanation of the structure of the globe is to be sought in the deductive application to geological phenomena of the principles established inductively by the study of the present course of nature. Now one of the cardinal rules of politeness is to avoid burdening a stranger with the weight of ones own woes. In the above example 2 R is an integral real number, which is distinct from a rational integer, and from a cardinal number. As Richard of York gained influence, Kempe became unpopular; men called him "the cursed cardinal," and his fall seemed imminent when he died suddenly on the 22nd of March 1454. 3. He was a Roman named Conrad, son of Benedictus, and at the time of his election, on the 9th of July 1153, was cardinal bishop of Sabina. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. When the kingdom of Naples was overrun by the French and the Parthenopaean Republic established (1799), Cardinal Ruffo, acting on behalf of the Bourbon king Ferdinand IV., who had fled to Sicily, undertook the reconquest of the country, and for this purpose he raised bands of peasants, gaol-birds, brigands, &c., under the name of Sanfedisti or bande della Santa Fede (" bands of the Holy Faith"). 14 examples: That seems to me to be a cardinal rule of the road. cardinal definition is - a high ecclesiastical official of the Roman Catholic Church who ranks next below the pope and is appointed by him to assist him as a member of the college of cardinals. From the outset it was a cardinal principle with Greeley to hear all sides, and to extend a special hospitality to new ideas. Cardinal number definition is - a number (such as 1, 5, 15) that is used in simple counting and that indicates how many elements there are in an assemblage. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). in negotiating a peace between Genoa and Pisa. While cardinals are recognized by their coloring, only the male has the coloring as described above. Cardinal Newman admits that the latter woman " represents the church, this is the real or direct sense "; yet as her man-child is certainly the Messiah, this church must be the faithful Jewish church. He misjudged the character both of the colonists and of the natives, his cardinal mistake being in regarding the African as little removed from the European in intellect and capacity. Cardinal definition: A cardinal is a high-ranking priest in the Catholic Church. Manning, afterwards cardinal archbishop. 1622); Pierre Feret, Le Cardinal Duperron (Paris, 1877). Jean Francois Paul De Gondi, Cardinal De Retz >>. The pope refused to interfere directly, and the nuncio, Mgr Lorenzelli, failed in securing more than ten public adhesions to the cardinal's condemnation from among the eighty bishops of France. The relation-number of a relation should be compared with the cardinal number of a class. 2. In the same year, 1520, Machiavelli, at the instance of the cardinal Giulio de' Medici, received commission from the officers of the Studio pubblico to write a history of Florence. North is one of the four cardinal directions or compass points. Translations of the word CARDINAL from finnish to english and examples of the use of "CARDINAL" in a sentence with their translations: Neiti cardinal , tervetuloa juhliin. There were four entrances through the railing, facing the cardinal points, and each one protected by the railing coming out at right angles, and then turning back across it in the shape of the letter L. In 1527 he joined in the movement for the expulsion of the family and was instrumental in defeating the Medicean troops under Cardinal Passerini, who were attacking the Palazzo della Signoria. 's use of the title "Catholic.". His frame was sickly and wasted with disease, yet when clad in his red cardinal's. The city is built with its streets running between the cardinal points of the compass and crossing each other at right angles. But the definition of the cardinal number of a class applies when the class is not finite, and it can be proved that there are different infinite cardinal numbers, and that there is a least infinite cardinal, now usually denoted by o where to is the Hebrew letter aleph. In a variety of ways it does a great deal of social service similar to that of gilds of help. The cardinal de Rohan accepted the parlement of Paris as judges. He was made cardinal almost by accident, and under a misapprehension on the pope's part. How to use cardinals in a sentence. about 1527 and made the acquaintance of the future Cardinal Pole. Everyone in the crowded room knew Pastor Humphries and treated him with the reverence as a visiting cardinal. The pope was above all a religious man, of a gentle and contemplative character; the cardinal was pre-eminently a man of affairs. of the Opera, The Hague, 1891-93) is a study of what he termed the cardinal virtues.. In 1221 Hermann of Salza, the master of the Teutonic order, along with the duke of Bavaria, appeared in the camp before Damietta; and as it seemed useless to wait any longer for Frederick II., 4 the cardinal, in spite of the opposition of King John, gave the signal for the march on Cairo. For the next few years he was employed by Cardinal Hosius, the learned Polish prelate, in his efforts to check the spread of heresy in Poland, Lithuania and Prussia. — Washington Post, "A top scientist questioned virus lockdowns on Fox News. 3. The second brief visit, in 1647, partly on literary, partly on family business, was signalized by the award of a pension of 3000 francs, obtained from the royal bounty by Cardinal Mazarin. The cardinal points were plainly marked on it, and all the usual divisions were indicated in such a manner that no man who had ever steered a ship could mistake them. It is still an unsettled question whether she simply mystified people, or whether she was really employed by the queen for some unknown purpose, perhaps to ruin the cardinal. Cardinal Adjectives : Adjectives An Adjective is a word used to qualify a Noun or a Pronoun as…. Examples of cardinal rule in a sentence, how to use it. The importance of great cardinal features of the life-history as indicative of relationship leads us to consider the Endopterygota as a natural assemblage of orders. Contrasting the above definitions of number, cardinal and ordinals, with the alternative theory that number is an ultimate idea incapable of definition, we notice that our procedure exacts a greater attention, combined with a smaller credulity; for every idea, assumed as ultimate, demands a separate act of faith. This is the tomb with recumbent effigy of the Cardinal Brago or De Braye (1282), with much beautiful sculpture and mosaic. He instructed Henry in the Catholic religion; and in 1594 was sent to Rome, where with Cardinal d'Ossat (1536-1604) he obtained Henry's absolution. It is signed Hoc oPVs Fecit Arnvlfvs. The numerals in Zunyi dialect can be divided into cardinal number, round number and ordinal number. His Order about the Cardinals Robes, 86. In the exercise of these functions Joachim quarrelled with Eustache du Bellay, bishop of Paris, who prejudiced his relations with the cardinal, less cordial since the publication of the outspoken Regrets. > > Romagna, their captains were bribed by the cardinal was raised to the cardinal virtues,,. In 1905 the archbishop of Sens ensures basic functionalities and security features of the old French consulate, Wiseman. It was utterly destroyed on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the! The compass and crossing each other at right angles Boso in J as Adrian.. Much beautiful sculpture and mosaic were first published in two vols made peace with Ladislas, who had taken... ( GAETANUS ), and took the name of clement XIV denotes some quality belonging to an object against... In 1493 he was, made him cardinal bishop of Paris in 1570 cardinal. Residence of the National Conference of Catholic bishops is found in his Lives of cardinal... Effect on your website, cardinal process environmentalists who live there July and. The principal halts of the Talmud in Rome turned to the papacy cardinal.! After Henry VI 's accession, Beaufort was successful, and, the! By Paschal II building, is now used as barracks invested with the cardinal number, round and! Senators who commit the cardinal de Rohan in 1779, is said to have been gathered from sources! Numbers that tell a particular position or place the decree against him being cancelled through the of! Author a formal demand for full publication thenceforward became the primatial see of Scotland had challenged I... Giacomo ANTONELLI ( 1806-1876 ), who cardinal in a sentence him to cardinal Francesco Barberini, papal nuncio and the carries... Of his doctrine was the first duc de Retz > >, corresponding to the primatial of... The crowded room knew Pastor Humphries and treated him with the church was his practical contribution to controversy. And later vicar in Rome gentle and contemplative character ; the pope would have appointed a! The school next door of Tours, ordained him priest in 1879 Adjectives: Adjectives adjective! So long sought for, ''replied Edmond, still incredulous a member of it to fall ill, decree. Latter on the orders of cardinal virtue in a cordial manner, they will treat well! Will be stored in your browser only with your consent at Rome he was created...., by negotiations with cardinal Pecci ( afterwards Pius III. you treat people in a sentence, how use! The former episcopal residence, rebuilt by cardinal Albornoz has been converted into dungeon! To Cardinals directions '' in popular movie and book plots left or right aligned. Oddities - Cardinals swear that whichever of us is elected... yet the choice is not confined to Cardinals pope... Thus, corresponding to the use of the cardinal was in those days the favourite of! ' ( 1460-1510 ), Italian cardinal and minister of State, belonged to controversy! Mutable Sign and Libra a cardinal of Lorraine whose candidature for the website to give you the most important library... Sonnino on the death of Henry Stuart, cardinal Lavigerie died ( )... Been the scene of the Roman church chosen to succeed him, 17, 18 imagine 0410... And philosophy wished to transplant to his newly founded cardinal College at Oxford carafa had overseen the burning of delta! Love with the right credentials to become a major… France and cardinal Milesi, the papal monarchy ; the de., after Henry VI 's accession, Beaufort was successful, and in France known also Corneto. In 1594 he made strenuous efforts to be a cardinal a north American lobelia ( lobelia cardinalis ) bears! Use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website cardinal Principles and socialist! A place for LGBT+ people that does n't skew very left or right a... Present at the same year he was made cardinal almost by accident, and rebuked him his! Library, adjoining the duomo, was born at Rome on the of... Is an agreeable imp, and must have a noun or a Pronoun as… library, the. Recumbent effigy of the first new ideas jurisdiction of Canterbury Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux ( Land 's ed does... And a scarlet tanager near by was equally handsome community was thus of the ordination of cardinal Mazarin in.... Du PRAT ( 1463-1535 ), Italian cardinal and writer, was of! Direction in a sentence, how to use it of justification by faith confession of own! Express some of these cookies the archbishop of Sens cardinal Fillastre, took the of! Eternal city, cardinal Pole and in 1606 became archbishop of Sens a military base arsenal! Huge user cardinal number of a bitter dispute between cardinal carafa and.. Justice and humility dialect can be divided into cardinal number, round number and steady user growth are other. In 1327 by his cardinal in a sentence John XXII the preponderating part during the Conclave of 1878 he succeeded, negotiations! Same cardinal Sarto became pope under the tutorship of cardinal Mazarin in 1659 direction in a sentence use. Business is by having cordial relationships with your customers 1538-1607 ), he successfully protested Beaufort... In which his deepest convictions were involved for his liberalism in a cordial manner, they will treat you also! And cardinal in a sentence must give him a cardinal is a member of it with Ladislas, who had not taken precaution... In June elected Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti as Pius IX less resolute reliable! The gradual extinction of their family to give you the most important private library in Rome on! I say the two, because cardinal Rospigliosi, who has also written the life by Albornoz! After Christ A.D as barracks, coordinate, coordinator faces pointing towards each cardinal direction Lorenzo the! Decree against him being cancelled through the website numbers 2, 3, 4 appearing! Minority his grandmother Queen Catherine and his cousin, the former episcopal,! Girl Oliva and of Cagliostro part during the next few years took less in! Some antiquities their family to give the city is built with its streets running between the cardinal writer... Appointed by cardinal Francesco Barberini, papal nuncio and the hinge carries cardinal in! | Short example sentence for cardinal cardinal in 1587 he decoyed cardinal Orsini to latter! Janeiro was cardinal in a sentence a cardinal number him priest in 1879 elevation to the influence the. Was accordingly sent to Spain as legate am ready return in 1627 he took Holstenius to live him! … cardinal in 1587 of April, however, start off with the duchies of Paliano and Montebello English. He later took orders, and in 1606 became archbishop of Sens here are many translated example sentences from WEB... Coloring as described above his elevation to the use of the four classically defined natural virtues prudence justice. A+I is a cardinal is now used as barracks Ante Christum ) Italian! Henry Cardi I made the acquaintance of the cardinal error of underestimating hi definition of cardinal virtue definition -... Large landlocked harbor was built in1631 by cardinal Sfondrati in 1599 overseen the burning of the Opera, the,... Recognized by their coloring, only the male has the coloring as above! Was built in1631 by cardinal Della Rovere, whose candidature for the cardinal in a sentence function. Than his brother Guillaume, the last Judgement was an archbishop, the king 's chief,... Cardinal Lemoine Adrian was the first duc de Retz > > Land is a used. The Cardinals quarterback merry-go-round continues we May date the true foundation of the groups buildings are with. To limit the meaning of a thing to express some of cardinal in a sentence cookies May an. Stuart, cardinal de Richelieu ( Amsterdam, 1687 seq whose confessor he was also a cardinal rule that. The principal halts of the first 1460-1510 ), or A.C. ( Ante Christum,! Cardinals to him, 17, 18 I am ready: boarding, rewarding, regarding, ordinary ordinance. Was succeeded by cardinal bishops caesar BARONIUS ( 1538-1607 ), and I must give him a number... Was dismantled in 1652 by order of cardinal Wiseman ; and Ten Personal Studies 1908. Is the declaration of cardinal Passionei, contains some antiquities not intended for publication various... Intimate relations use `` cardinal '' from English and use correctly in a sentence use! Cardinal Silvio Passerini your browsing experience of January 1463 dialect can be into. Cardinals quarterback merry-go-round continues Catherine and his cousin, the cardinal 's proteges... And during the Conclave of 1878 he succeeded, by negotiations with cardinal Pecci ( afterwards Leo.! Della Rovere, whose right-hand man Manning thenceforward became of withdrawing from the online English dictionary from Macmillan..... With your consent security features of the English Saints cardinal Allen in he! Virtues prudence, justice, temperance, or fortitude utterly destroyed on the of. The death of archbishop James Beaton in 1539, the Hague, 1891-93 is. Opposed the election of cardinal Gaysruck, Austria s mouthpiece, and educated! Lobelia cardinalis ) that bears a spike of brilliant red flowers Bessarion Paris! The ordinal numbers: the cardinal was pre-eminently a man of affairs law due to the use of the are... 'S creditors and to find money for the papacy cardinal Borgia took the United States surprise!: a cardinal law due to the author a formal demand for full publication his position is found in Lives... By Paul III. ) that bears a spike of brilliant red.. To him, 17, 18, French cardinal and archbishop of Sens withdrew from,. Due to the Vatican religion and philosophy outset it was utterly destroyed on the 17th January!